Welcome to a new chapter in hospitality

Welcome to Van der Valk Palace hotel Noordwijk. Our first hotel on the Dutch coast. Since August 2021 we have taken over the Palace Hotel in Noordwijk aan Zee as a family. The hotel is located near the amazing beach and the lively boulevard of this seaside village. 

Building the future

Right after the takeover in the summer of 2021, we started to set up a wish list to give the hotel an upgrade. The process, from idea to elaboration, takes a lot of preparation and time. We expect to renovate and expand the hotel in several phases by mid-2022. In the process, the entire interior and technology will receive an upgrade and we will remodel the kitchen, restaurant and lobby. We will also continue to expand the facilities in the hotel. In addition to the wellness and the swimming pool getting an upgrade, there will also be a Weleda City spa in the hotel. Furthermore, we will open a wine and cocktail bar and there will be a large kids club for children up to the age of 16. With these innovations, we want to ensure that this Van der Valk hotel will soon fit within the Van der Valk-standard, but will have its own unique atmosphere and identity where we will exceed the expectations of all our guests! Read the complete time line below and keep an eye on this page for the latest renovation updates.

Time line

2022 | Renovation phase 1

We expect to renovate and expand the hotel in several phases by mid 2022. The entire interior and technology will be upgraded and we will renovate the kitchen, the restaurant, the meeting rooms and the lobby. We will also continue to expand the hotel facilities. Keep an eye on this page for the latest renovation updates.

You will experience minimal inconvenience from the renovation. The floor where the rooms are located is currently inaccessible, so you will not be able to see the renovation. There will also be no activities during which you will experience heavy noise pollution.

If you have any suggestions or questions during your stay, our reception team will be happy to help.

2021 | Building for the future

The renovation process required a lot of preparation and time. During autumn we completed a number of major projects including the lighting plan for the parking garage, the WIFI network and a number of hotel room facilities such as the minibars, coffee machines and various television screens. By the end of 2021, all renovation requirements were penciled in.

In 2022 and 2023 the Palace Hotel will increasingly acquire the look and feel of Van der Valk, but will still retain its charm.

2021 | Takeover Palace Hotel by Van der Valk

As of August 6, 2021, a Toucan flag flies at the iconic Palace Hotel. From that moment on, the Palace Hotel has been re-branded as Van der Valk Hotel. Of course, we would have preferred to tackle the familiar Van der Valk features right at the time of the acquisition in August 2021. Unfortunately, due to the rapid takeover, this was not achievable at the time. We therefore consciously chose to first implement the usual Van der Valk systems and make a wish list for upgrading the hotel.

2001 | Construction of the present Palace Hotel

The current Palace Hotel looks like it has been there for centuries. Yet this hotel was only built in 2001. Inspired by hotels of the French Riviera, its balconies, bay windows and characteristic towers create a chic atmosphere by the sea. The hotel owes its name to the original Palace hotel, which used to be located on the North Boulevard. The previous owner thought it would be symbolic to build a new Palace hotel in Noordwijk after all these years.

1912 - 1978 | The original Palace Hotel

In 1912 the original Palace Hotel was built on the northern boulevard of Noordwijk aan Zee. It was a beautiful landmark building that used to be considered as the most beautiful hotel in Noordwijk. Unfortunately this came to an end in 1978. A major fire destroyed a large part of the entire hotel. A disaster for the face of Noordwijk, which would never be the same again. To this day, this place is no longer built on.