JOLA's Schnipseljagd treasure hunt

Discover the most beautiful streets of Noordwijk, Katwijk and Leiden in a new way!

Enjoy a challenging, self-guided treasure hunt throughout the city. Unravel the right trail by following the hints and directions on your phone and find the answers to the questions.

Guide yourself along the most beautiful streets and hidden places of the city and learn more about its history.

Along the way you’ll discover various fun-facts and the stories that are hidden behind the facades. This way you’ll really get to know the local culture!


How does it work?

Order your tour quick and easy on

After your order has been completed you will receive an email with the start button and the starting point.

When you’ve arrived at the starting point and click the start button, the tour begins.

If you can’t find the answers right away, you can ask for one or more hints or skip the question. You’ll always get clear instructions on how to continue the tour.


For guests of the Van der Valk Palace hotel we have a special offer:

When you enter the coupon code: valkaanzee while placing your order, you will receive a 15% discount on your Schnipseljagd tour.


Why play the Schnipseljagd?

Start and pause whenever you want.

Look at your surroundings in a different way and discover old details.

Play together or against each other in teams of up to 5 people.

Set your own pace.

An affordable day out when you play with a group.


Where can I play the Schnipseljagd?

We have routes in Noordwijk, Katwijk and Leiden. During spring and the tulip season we also offer a Tulip Tour at a real bulb farmer in Noordwijkerhout. In Katwijk and Noordwijk we also have special children's routes for children from 4 to 8 years old.

Take a look at our website for more information.