The Bloemencorso of the Bollenstreek is the largest spring festival in the Netherlands. The flower parade is the only parade in the world consisting of bulbous flowers such as hyacinths, tulips and daffodils. This fragrant and colorful spectacle is celebrated by more than a million people over five days. The highlight is parade Saturday, when the beautiful floats and richly flower-decorated luxury cars make their 42-kilometer journey. The Flower Parade starts in Noordwijk and ends in Haarlem. Cheerful music and entertainment make the flower parade an experience for young and old.

Since two years, the Van der Valk Palace Hotel Noordwijk, together with Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim - Leiden, Hotel Schiphol and Hotel Haarlem, has been a participant in the Flower Parade of the Bulb Region. Our float is an eye-catcher and we are proud to be part of this wonderful event!

There are several covered stands on the route of the Flower Parade.


We look back on a fantastic edition of the Flower Bulb Region Parade, which took place last Saturday, April 20, 2024. Experience the colorful spectacle through the lens of Van der Valk's 'Colorful World' float and blooming creation; a celebration of life.

Discover why this design is so close to our hearts. As a family business rooted in tradition, Van der Valk is more than just hospitality; it's an experience, a home away from home. Our float, a lively oasis of color and life, greeted you with majestic toucans - symbols of our dedication to quality and service. Their colorful plumage reflects the diversity of our guests and employees, each unique yet connected by shared values of hospitality and care. The float formed a lively canvas of encounters, where each color told a story and the warmth of connection and family feeling was palpable.

Many thanks to the organization of the Flower Bulb Region Parade and, of course, the many volunteers who make the Flower Bulb Region Parade possible every year. In particular, we thank our arranger Judith de Frankrijker and the volunteer flower arrangers of V.V. Foreholte, who have worked so hard on this beautiful end result. See you in 2025!

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