CORPUS 'journey through man': discover the wonders of the human body!??

At CORPUS you will be introduced to the wonders of the human body: your own body!  

See, feel and hear how your ingenious body works in a spectacular, nerve-racking 'journey through man'. Immerse yourself in the wonders of new life in the womb. Walk under the small intestine, through the pancreas and kidneys to the colon. Follow the acrobatic feats of a red blood cell in the 5D heart theater, not to mention the world's greatest miracle: the human brain.  

And that's not all. After the "journey," you can delve further into the human body in "my CORPUS," the interactive section. Here you will find special exhibits and games with a wealth of information about the human body. For example, do you know how well you can hear? What tricks your brain secretly plays on you? Why does the smell of oranges make you happy? Or how a doctor decides who gets a donor organ? In 'my CORPUS' you will discover it all.   

In short, a fun outing for young and old to experience together.  

Corpus is about a 15-minute drive from our hotel.

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