Magnesium Experience

Discover the Magnesium Experience at YUMI Spa & Wellness

YUMI Spa & Wellness is geopend! Follow a path of various treatments centered around magnesium. The Experience will ensure that you completely relax, release all stress and allow your body to recover optimally. The path consists of five treatments and a magnesium-rich smoothie. The Magnesium Experience takes about 2.5 hours. Read more about the different treatments below.

Foot spa
Enjoy a warm 37-degree foot bath with pure Permsal magnesium crystals. The magnesium is optimally absorbed through the feet. Relax immediately and enjoy a delicious cup of tea.

Body wrap with infrared blanket
After the foot spa, you will receive a body wrap of magnesium sport gel. After this, the infrared blanket will be placed over you. The infrared blanket brings warmth and calm and opens the pores so that magnesium is optimally absorbed. When you enjoy the wrap in combination with the infrared blanket, a face mask will be applied. This facial mask also consists of magnesium and Aloe Vera. In short, pure relaxation and tranquility.

Andullation massage
The andullation massage is a massage bench that works with low frequency vibration combined with infrared technology. This unique combination of heat and vibration has a beneficial effect on the skin, cells, organs and nerve pathways. It penetrates deeply into the body and results in deep muscle relaxation. This treatment is particularly suitable for people with various pain conditions, such as back pain, migraines, muscle tension and joint pain.

Magnesium-rich smoothie
Enjoy a delicious magnesium-rich smoothie in our beautiful lounge.

Infrared sauna
Once you have relaxed in the lounge, head to the infrared sauna. The heat (max. 50 degrees) and infrared waves provide deep muscle relaxation and accelerate the muscle recovery process.

Experience a feeling of weightlessness and ultimate relaxation in the float bath. Floating de-stresses, restores the body and brings deep relaxation in a completely stimulus-free environment.

SOLO/DUO Magnesium Experience

The Magnesium Experience can be booked either SOLO or DUO. All treatments are made to treat two adults. The Magnesium Experience creates a unique bond and offers a moment of deep connection. It is a great opportunity to relax together, talk or just enjoy each other's company in silence.

Good to know

It is recommended to bring your own bathrobe, slippers and towel. It is also possible to rent a package with bathrobe, towel and slippers from us for €12.50.

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