Relaxing Noordwijk

Noordwijk aan Zee is, in addition to being a very beautiful and pleasant place, also a very healthy place to visit! Noordwijk meets the quality criteria of ESPA (European Spas Association). The salt water, the fresh air, the sun and ebb and flow.... All these factors contribute to the healing effect of the salubrious sea spa. If you want to relax completely, look around at the beautiful nature and breathe in and out deeply. Take some time for yourself.


A health resort focuses in most cases on relaxation and/or recreation, often with a medical background. Staying in a spa is therefore very good for you because of the healthy air and healing natural factors. This description fits perfectly with what Noordwijk has to offer.


Despite having received an award in 2020, Noordwijk has a rich history when it comes to spas. More than 150 years ago, visitors came to the beach by carriage to bathe in the healing waters of the North Sea. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries the place grew into an essential herbal center in the Netherlands, which also contributed to its reputation as a health resort.

Healthy and energetic

In Noordwijk, health is central. Healthy living, eating, sports, recreation and therefore staying healthy is very important for the inhabitants and entrepreneurs of Noordwijk. In and around the sea it is possible to put in a lot of effort and then relax completely. Grab a terrace and enjoy a healthy snack with a nice cup of tea or lie down on a beach bed with a book. In Noordwijk it is all possible.

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