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Beach package

Escape to the Summer Beauty of Noordwijk aan Zee Noordwijk aan Zee, located in South Holland, shines in the summer. The village comes to life amidst the beautiful Bollenstreek. Let our beach package from Van der Valk …
€ 295.00
From price p.p.
Hoog Zomer Arrangement Noordwijk

Summer deal

Noordwijk aan Zee, located in South Holland, shines in the summer. The village comes alive amid the beautiful Bulb Region. The sun colors the sky while beach bars and terraces welcome guests and overlook the …
€ 125.00
From price p.p.

3=2 Package

Enjoy the beautiful Bulb Region during your stay in Noordwijk. Discover our 3=2 Van der Valk package and plan your few days away. Get a breath of fresh air on the beach or take a beautiful bike ride in the area. …
€ 215.00
From price p.p.

Wellness arrangement

The Van der Valk Palace Hotel Noordwijk offers an excellent opportunity for the ultimate wellness experience on the Dutch coast. Located in the picturesque seaside resort of Noordwijk, this luxurious hotel combines …
€ 85.00
From price p.p.
Terrace Vloed

4=3 Deal

Come and enjoy the beautiful Noordwijk coast! Do you want to get away for a few days and relax completely? Van der Valk Palace Hotel Noordwijk is the perfect choice. The area offers beaches, dunes and forests where …
€ 315.00
From price p.p.

Senior package

What could be more fun than relaxing in Noordwijk. Discover the beach, dunes and forests in the Bulb Region. Enjoy the beautiful flowers in spring, relax on the Noordwijk beach in summer or experience the peaceful …
€ 340.00
From price p.p.
Man op fiets

Cycling Package

The gentle buzz of tires on the asphalt, the wind in your hair and the opportunity to discover new places make cycling a relaxing activity. Cycling is a healthy and eco-friendly way to explore your surroundings. …
€ 235.00
From price p.p.
5=4 Arrangement

5=4 Deal

Looking for a relaxing mini vacation? Noordwijk is the perfect location. Discover the beautiful beaches, dunes, forests and flower fields of the Bulb Region. Experience family fun in the theme parks in the area or go …
€ 415.00
From price p.p.
Sunday special

Sunday Special

Additional advantageous stay on Sunday For many, Sunday is a day to relax. It provides an opportunity to spend time with family and friends or enjoy hobbies and activities. Walk along the beach, through the dunes or …
€ 69.00
From price p.p.

Happy Spring Package

Noordwijk, located on the Dutch coast, blossoms in spring. The village is in the middle of the beautiful Bulb Region. The bulb fields paint the landscape with bright tulips of all colors. Beach bars awaken from their …
€ 105.00
From price p.p.