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YUMI Spa & Wellness is the perfect place to float away from the daily hustle and bustle and completely relax. At YUMI, everything revolves around magnesium. Discover our unique magnesium experience or enjoy yourself to the full in our float. We also sell Permsal magnesium products so you can also protect yourself against magnesium deficiency at home. The carefully formulated treatments will make sure you completely unwind.

5 treatments in 1

Magnesium experience

The Magnesium Experience consists of five treatments and a magnesium-rich smoothie. The experience starts with a foot spa, this is followed by a body wrap with infrared blanket. After this, it is time for an andullation massage which is particularly suitable for people with various pain conditions. In between, enjoy a magnesium-rich smoothie. The experience ends with an infrared sauna and floating.

Ultimate relaxation


Do you want to relax completely? Floating is the perfect way to completely unwind. It is a unique experience where you are carried by magnesium salt. Floating has several positive effects such as relaxing the muscles, resting the brain and lowering the stress hormone cortisol. In addition, floating is also very good during pregnancy and for people who exercise a lot.

Relax, recharge, energize

Magnesium Relax Booster

Recharge yourself through three wonderful magnesium treatments with our YUMI Relax Booster. Begin with a soothing foot bath with magnesium and a cup of delicious Noordwijk tea. Then experience the body wrap with a relaxing facial massage and finish on our andullation massage mattress. With the Relax Booster from YUMI Spa & Wellness, you will completely relax in 1.5 hours!

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Unwind completely at YUMI Spa & Wellness. Go for total relaxation with the Magnesium Experience, recharge yourself with the Magnesium Relax Booster or enjoy a float session? Book your treatment and find out all about magnesium.

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Looking for the perfect gift? Get your YUMI Spa & Wellness gift card now and surprise someone with a day of ultimate relaxation in Noordwijk. You can pick up the gift card at the reception desk of our hotel.

Power of the mineral magnesium

About Magnesium

YUMI Spa & Wellness is all about magnesium. Magnesium has many benefits. It reduces stress. In fact, magnesium helps relax muscles, blood vessels, nervous system and brain. In addition, magnesium provides an energy boost and reduces muscle tension, leading to the calming and recovery of muscles after sports performance.