Whatever season it is, there is plenty to do in Noordwijk. Not only the beach offers many fun activities, but also the town itself! How about a lovely walking route along the beach or a challenging cycle route along Noordwijkerhout? Noordwijk is a breath of fresh air. Feel free to ask our staff at reception for tips.
Want to completely unwind? Then combine your visit to Noordwijk with an overnight stay in our hotel or one of our attractive facilities/arrangements.

View hiking and cycling routes

Please note! Some activities need to be booked in advance. Check the relevant website in time for more information and current opening hours.

Discover the Bulb region


Book a tour at Renzy and discover the beautiful surroundings in the bulb region. The GPS audio tours take you to the most beautiful places in South Holland.

Discover the surroundings

Rent an e-chopper

Hire an e-chopper and explore the beautiful surroundings of Noordwijk. Tour along the promenade and past the bulb fields in the area.

Best indoor playground


Are you looking for a day out with the kids? Then the KidsZoo is the perfect place!

Indoor funpark

Jumpin' Noordwijk

Endless jumping or looking for a sporty outing? HOP TILL YOU DROP! Jumpin Noordwijk is a hidden indoor fun park that covers an area of no less than 1000 m2!

Treasure hunt and sightseeing tour

Jola's treasure hunt

Discover the most beautiful streets of Noordwijk, Katwijk and Leiden in a new way!

Enjoy a challenging, self-guided treasure hunt throughout the city. 

Journey through the human body


Go on an adventurous journey of discovery through mankind. Discover together with your family how the human body reacts to certain things and what kind of influence it has on the body.

Learn about nature & biodiversity


Learn more about nature and its biodiversity at Naturalis, the place to be for anyone who wants to discover more about nature past and present.

Journey along stars and planets

Space Expo

Space expo is the space museum of the Netherlands! Visitors are taken on an impressive journey along the stars and planets together with astronaut André Kuipers.

Amusement park with water park


Looking for a fun day out with the kids? Then Duinrell in Wassenaar is the amusement park for you!

Miniature golf course


Hit the miniature golf course, jump on the trampolines or tear up the track in the mini cars. You can do it all at Rollygolf Noordwijk!

Catch a breath of fresh air

Beach Noordwijk

Would you like to catch a breath of fresh air on the beach of Noordwijk or take a walk in the dunes? In good weather, you can relax at the various beach clubs and take a refreshing dip in the North Sea.

Discover Leiden


Did you know that you can be in the centre of Leiden within 20 minutes? This is a beautiful city where there is a lot to do.

Enjoy on the water


On the Kagerplassen, it is wonderful to be on the water! Various boats sail in an orderly fashion from one side to the other. Rent a sloop for 6, 8 or 9 persons and explore the beautiful surroundings with your company.

Look out over noordwijk

Climbing the old Jeroens church

The Old Jeroens Church is a beautiful Gothic cruciform church with an impressive interior. Over the years, the church has suffered greatly from the various weather conditions and has therefore recently been restored.

Relax at the coast

Relaxing Noordwijk

Noordwijk aan Zee is, in addition to being a very beautiful and pleasant place, also a very healthy place to visit! Noordwijk meets the quality criteria of ESPA (European Spas Association).

Enjoy the flowers

De Tulperij Voorhout

In springtime, go on an hour-long excursion at the Tulperij in Voorhout! Enjoy the tulip fields and the show garden together with Daan or Anja and step into the wonderful world of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths.

Admire the bulb fields

Flower season bulb region

The bulb region is known for the most beautiful bulb fields. The flower season starts from March.

Highlight of spring

Flower parade

The flower parade is the highlight of spring in the Netherlands! You can enjoy this spectacle throughout the weekend of 21 April.

Walking or yoga with alpacas

Alpaca farm Klinkenberg

You can do more activities with alpacas than you might think! At the Klinkenberg alpaca farm, for instance, you can take a nice walk with the animals, stroke them and feed them.

Touring the bulb region

Village hopping

Also discover the surroundings of Noordwijk! By bike or with our e-choppers, you can easily visit the various villages in the area.

At 3,400 hectares, the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen are one of the largest continuous hiking areas in the Netherlands.

Apple and pear picking


Delicious apples and pears grow on the Olmenhorst. Various activities are available at the Olmenhorst.