Discover the bulb region

Explore the bulb region by (eletric bicycle), e-chopper or fatbike. There are several walking and cycling routes through the Bulb Region. More in the mood for a tour? Book an audio tour at Renzy.



At Hotel Noordwijk you can rent a variety of bicycles! We have an enclosed parking garage where you can park your bike and possibly charge it if you have an E-bike.

Hire an e-chopper and explore the beautiful surroundings of Noordwijk. Tour along the promenade and past the bulb fields in the area.



Explore Noordwijk by bike? From now on, you can do so with a Fatbike at the Van der Valk Palace Hotel Noordwijk. With their striking wide tyres and robust appearance, you will explore the surroundings in an adventurous way.



Book a tour at Renzy and discover the beautiful surroundings in the bulb region. The GPS audio tours take you to the most beautiful places in South Holland.