Renting E-choppers at Van der Valk Palace Hotel Noordwijk

Discover the surroundings of Noordwijk with a cool e-chopper! Ride with the wind in your hair over the boulevard of Noordwijk and along the beautiful flower fields in the region.

An e-chopper is an electrically powered two-wheeler. An e-chopper is powered by an electric motor and is equipped with a rechargeable battery. This eliminates the need for fuel and produces no harmful emissions, making the e-chopper an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional scooters and motorcycles.

With an e-chopper, you can reach speeds of up to about 25 km per hour. They are easy to operate, with an accelerator pedal and hand brakes, similar to a regular scooter. Moreover, e-choppers have a comfortable seating position and are equipped with wide tires and suspension, making them suitable for both short and longer rides.

The main points for renting an e-chopper:

  • You need a driver's license, this can be a car, motorcycle or scooter license;
  • A maximum of 2 people are allowed on the e-chopper: one adult and one child aged 8-15 (max combined weight is 130 kg).
  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory
  • The e-choppers go 25 km per hour
  • Rental rate: from €35,00 for 3 hours


In Noordwijk there are numerous beautiful bicycle routes that can also be ridden with the e-choppers. Take for example the Dutch Flower Route. Here you can enjoy the beautiful tulip fields and bulb regions. In addition, check out the Literary Route by the Sea. During this route you will get to know various writers and literary heroes who have a connection with Noordwijk. See all the beautiful routes here.

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