Westfield Mall of the Netherlands

The Mall of the Netherlands is a large shopping and leisure complex located in Leidschendam, near The Hague. The Mall of the Netherlands is one of the largest shopping centers in the Netherlands and has recently been completely renovated into a beautiful shopping center.

The mall consists of many different stores with a wide range of products and brands, from fashion and electronics to interior decoration and lifestyle items. In addition to shopping, The Mall of the Netherlands offers several leisure and entertainment options for visitors of all ages. For example, take a look at the selfie museum or relax at the spa. The Mall of the Netherlands also features a cinema complex, with the latest movie premieres for those looking for some entertainment after a day of shopping. In addition, the mall hosts various events, exhibitions and activities throughout the year.

One of the distinctive elements of the mall is the fresh market, where visitors can enjoy various delicacies. Outside the fresh market, there are several restaurants where you can take a break while shopping.

For children, facilities include daycare, play areas, changing stations, pumping areas and stroller rental. The Mall of the Netherlands is a shopping destination that caters to the needs and interests of people of all ages.

Buses and trams stop at the door and free parking is available. For more information, visit the mall's website.

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