Food and Beverages

Dunes Lounge & Bar

Take a seat in the comfortable chair and look forward to something good for you on the table. A premium cappuccino, a masterfully mixed cocktail or another passion of our bartender: wine in its many varieties. And with such good cuisine around, a nicely matched side dish is never far away.


The choice of wines at Vloed is much wider than usual. Many wines can be ordered by the glass and our bartender will be happy to tell you which richness of taste lies behind which name on the wine list. More curious about a cocktail? Say the word and the bartender gets to work.


Delicious from the glass goes perfectly with delicious from a plate. For example, a soft, matching Chardonnay with the fish board or a beautiful Syrah or Pinot Noir with our varied charcuterie board from our bites menu. On it you will also find other small enjoyment classics, including empanadas and - let us be proud - our also internationally highly regarded Bitterbal.