April 2023 | Renovation floating area

NOW OPEN: Floating

Our floatbath is now open! Floating is a unique experience where you are carried by magnesium salt. It has been scientifically proven that floating has a positive effect on our brain, as it brings peace to our brain. Your muscles relax, the stress hormone cortisol drops due to lack of stimuli, your blood pressure drops and the happiness hormones endorphins and melatonin increase. In short, it makes you happy!

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COMING SOON: Yumi Spa & Wellness

We are currently busy preparing our new Wellness Center: Yumi Spa & Wellness. Soon you will be able to experience a full Magnesium Experience. Follow a path of various treatments centered around magnesium. The Experience will ensure that you completely relax, all stress will slip away from you and your body can recover optimally.