July 2023 | Renovation Semmy's bar

In July 2023, we started renovating Semmy's bar. This bar was previously named after the previous owners' son Paul. After the takeover, the bar was named after the eldest son of the owners Thalita Puper - Van der Valk and Tijmen Puper, Sem.

Semmy's bar consists of a space with its own bar, natural light and a cosy courtyard garden. The bar has been given a whole new look with new furniture, wallpaper, flooring and matching accessories. Also, the bar is now fully equipped with new equipment and supplies for an entertaining evening.

Semmy's bar is perfect for drinks, (company) parties and dinners, suitable for groups of up to 100 people. Organise an unforgettable evening with your colleagues, friends or family. Moreover, Semmy's bar is the ideal place to watch sports games, thanks to the large number of screens it has.

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