September 2023 | Realize wellness

Our new YUMI Spa & Wellness has opened! The spa specialises in health wellness through a magnesium experience. Follow a path of various magnesium-centred treatments. The Experience will help you relax completely, release all your stress and allow your body to recover optimally.

At YUMI Spa & Wellness you will get an energy boost with FIVE magnesium treatments in one.

  1. The treatment begins with a magnesium foot spa. This is a 37 degree foot bath with pure Permsal magnesium crystals.
  2. This is followed by the magnesium body wrap with infrared blanket. The warm infrared blanket promotes magnesium absorption, stimulates circulation and relaxes muscles, followed by a healing magnesium and Aloe Vera body wrap and facial mask.
  3. The andullation massage is a massage bed that provides low-frequency vibration combined with infrared.
  4. The andullation massage is followed by the infrared sauna. The heat (max. 50 degrees) and infrared waves provide deep relaxation in the muscles and accelerates the muscle recovery process.
  5. Finally, you will enjoy floating in 36 degrees of crystal clear water with pure magnesium of the highest quality.

With a wonderful day of Health Wellness, we provide a magnesium-rich smoothie.


Floating space