The Winery

Around the table with friends, family or colleagues. Together on a wine journey with a glass in your hand. Welcome to The Winery, the place where the most beautiful evenings are experienced.

Wine tasting with your own company

In the private atmosphere of The Winery you will discover and rediscover wines. With each tasting glass, you and your party will learn more about the background of each wine, including origin and terroir, grape varieties and flavor profile. To make choosing easier, the sommelier has put together a number of tasting packages, from which you can -but certainly don't have to- choose

Book a fun evening

Do you want to organize a wine tasting for friends, family or colleagues? Do you already have certain types of wine in mind or would you like some suggestions? We would love to help! Leave your details in the quotation form and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Combine your meeting

Combine your meeting at the Palace Hotel with a wine tasting at The Winery. End the day pleasantly and discover our wines.

The Van der Valk Palace Hotel Noordwijk has 11 multifunctional rooms and two boardrooms available for 2 to 450 people. In addition, the hotel has 120 hotel rooms. The rooms are well suited for meetings, but also for such events as drinks, trade fairs or funerals. Look for more information at Meeting & Events.