Touristic information

Bulb season

The bulb region is known for the most beautiful bulb fields. Starting in March, the flower season begins. The season starts with the beautiful fields of daffodils and hyacinths. From April the colorful tulip fields can be admired. The Dahlias bloom from August until deep into autumn. See the beautiful dahlias in various show gardens and don't forget to buy a bunch of flowers along the way.

During the flower season, of course, there is much more to see than just the bulb fields. Visit the Keukenhof and De Tulperij, for example!


Keukenhof is Europe's most famous flower park with a variety of activities for young and old. Enjoy a peaceful boat ride through the flower fields or discover the highlights of the park with a guide. There is also plenty to do for the kids! Keukenhof is about a twenty-minute drive away. Read more information here.


The Tulpery is a flower excursion in Voorhout. During the excursion you will hear all about the growing process of the bulb and the flowering of the fascinating flower: the tulip. Of course you will have plenty of opportunity to take those coveted pictures among and of the flowers. In fact, the Tulperij has several tulip fields and a show garden. The Tulperij is about fifteen minutes away. Read more information here.

Flower Map

Check the Flower Map below to see if the bulb fields in the bulb region are already in bloom. This map updates the bulb fields every week starting in March.


  • Green icon: Bulb fields | You may NOT enter these bulb fields
  • Orange icon: Flower attractions | You may walk through these bulb fields
  • Pink icon: Sights
  • Light blue icon: Parking lot



Rent an (electric) bicycle or e-chopper to explore the area. The Flower Map features the Bollenstreek Flower Route. This route passes by the flower fields, as well as the dune area and the beach. Check out other different routes in the area below.

Bicycle and walking routes


The most beautiful spring park!


Discover the most beautiful spring park in the world. Enjoy the most fun and bright day out among flowers.

Flashback to the flower parade

Flower parade

We look back on another great edition of the Flower Parade last Saturday, April 22, 2023. Our float "Fantasy World" this year symbolized the freedom to dream away and escape reality for a while.

Enjoy the flowers

De Tulperij Voorhout

Go on an hour-long excursion at the Tulpery in Voorhout in spring! Enjoy the tulip fields and show garden together with Daan or Anja and step into the wonderful world of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths.

Discover the Bulb Region


Book a tour at Renzy and discover the beautiful surroundings in the bulb region. The GPS audio tours take you to the most beautiful places in South Holland.