Discover the Bulb Region

E-chopper rental

Hire an e-chopper and discover the beautiful surroundings of Noordwijk. Tour along the boulevard and past the beautiful bulb fields in the area. The e-choppers are snorscooters, so you don't need to wear a helmet. Our e-choppers take you to all the places of interest in the area at a speed of 25 kilometres per hour.

Environmentally friendly

Since the e-choppers are electric, you can tour the area silently and discover the most beautiful places in Zuid-Holland. Along the beach, the beautiful dunes and the nicest villages in the colourful bulb region. Where you can't go by car, the e-chopper will take you!

In Noordwijk, there are many beautiful cycling routes that can also be cycled with the e-choppers. View a number of beautiful routes here.

More information about the E-choppers