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We look back on another great edition of the Flower Parade, last Saturday, April 22, 2023. Our float 'Fantasy World' this year symbolized the freedom to dream away and escape reality for a while.

In this positive mix of cheerfulness, strength and energy, surrounded by symbolic 'pipes' that provide 'fuel for real life', you can see exactly what our family business stands for. At Van der Valk, you can escape your daily worries, catch your breath and recharge your batteries for the next day in a relaxing atmosphere.

Arranger Judith de Frankrijker was able to translate this perfectly into this beautiful end result, of which we, as sponsors of Van der Valk hotel Sassenheim - Leiden, Hotel Haarlem, Hotel Noordwijk and Hotel Schiphol, are enormously proud. What an eye-catcher! Thanks in part to the many fantasy flowers and plants, it became that adventurous world in which fantasy is central. The magical lighting finished it off and brought the float to life at night as well, at the entrance to flower city Haarlem, the finale of the Flower Parade.

Many thanks to Judith and of course the many volunteer flower cutters of Football Club Foreholte, who just like last year were responsible for the beautiful decoration of our float and worked very hard to make this possible. Fantastic!

On to the Flower Parade in 2024!

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